Wealthy Affiliate Review – What You Need to Know

The Break Down – Wealthy Affiliate 2019

  1. Wealthy Affiliate
  2. Website: https://www.wealthyaffiliate.com
  3. Owners: Kyle Loudoun, and Carson Lim
  4. WordPress Hosting: yes
  5. Training: yes
  6. Research Tools: yes
  7. Website Builder: yes
  8. Support: yes
  9. Success Stories: many
  10. Cost: Starter Member is free, Premium is $49/mo, or $349/yr
  11. Buildinghonestwealthonline.com rating: (thumbs up get small image for here)


May I give you a gift, one that will enrich your life? When you see the value in what I’m sharing in this Wealthy Affiliate 2019 Review is hopefully thorough enough to be of service to those that are looking for a platform built to educate no matter your level of experience. Beginner

or seasoned professional, this is the place. One thing life has taught me is to remain focused on the goal. As we grow and mature. Education is by far one of the more rewarding investments anyone can make. But which education to start with? The Free one looks inviting.

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Website Builder – Necessary Tools

So we’ve decided to build a website.


With a website building tool.

website builder - site builder

What do you do after you have the site? You host it somewhere. Where? Here for free. At least till you decide to invest more.

Unless you are a seasoned pro, we are jumping the gun. Before you can build a site, you need training. That is where the next step is.

Get Started Here!

Training – An Industry Standard

Now you may or may not need training. If not, see you later, now let’s get started!

You’ve started your account, look here!

Training - Industry Standard

Coaching can be seen throughout the community. Getting help is just a click away. There are thousands of trainings available visual, audio, and textual formats. I too am excited about possibly being your mentor.

Free Starter is what I promised and that is right here. Step by step you will be educated on how to Start an Online Business for FREE.

Once you’ve started this business; you are going to need to continue growing and learning how to improve your business, I said your business.

training - industry standard

Here for Free you get the first ten lessons for that’s right, your time. It would surprise you how many people click right on by and spend big bucks on what I have for you here free.

This is a university grade education; you get out of it what you put into it. I can give you all this knowledge and it is up to do something with it.

The school of hard knocks is painful. Not just in the knocks part. It’s said wisdom is learning from others mistakes.

It can also be said it is learning from their successes as well.

When you graduate from any other university, you go out into the workforce and get a JOB! If things go as planned. You do this because education is expensive. You’ve invested all this time in school, studying, and focusing on good GPAs, and the occasional party. Now you have to pay for whatever portion of the education you had to get loans for.

When you began your adventure in higher learning, you had to pay up front for the education.

I want to give you a week of absolutely free access to this wonderful training.

Getting StartedIf you get a website for free, do you have to pay for hosting it? No. Here you will be given not one, but two free websites for as long as you like. You get to choose which way you will venture down (Online Entrepreneur Certification, or Affiliate Bootcamp).

Support – State-of-the-art Technology

When it comes to support, at no extra cost, just send a message, and BAM! For me at least, there has never been more than a few minutes before a response from the support staff. 24/7/365+1 on leap year. When your site isn’t functional, Technical support is a click away.


Website Builder – Necessary Tools

So we’ve decided to build a website.


With a website building tool!

website-website builder-website tool






That’s right, get a free domain, find one to purchase, or bring one along that you may already own. You can see your options to the below.



Please note the available themes currently up for use in the lower left at no extra cost to us. Starters Members will only have access to twelve of those. They will be the first twelve. Again no extra up-sell.

Now what do we need to do? We use the Website Builder to build a shiny new website! Now what? That question is going to lead us to our next section, hosting.


WordPress Hosting – The Industry Standard


WordPress is the most widely used web content creator on the internet. It can cost:free to $540.00 USD currently to use the wordpress line-up. We use the WP format here. Every member here uses WP. There are those that use the classic and those that use the Gutenberg platforms. No matter, there are trainings for both. There is greater than 7.5 Billion people on the planet. Of these people, 3.5 of them are on the internet every moment. Of all the internet we see, WordPress holds the market share. Have you been wandering in the crowd, wandering without direction, this just may be what you need. We must have a website to conduct our business. You will need to do some kind of research, right? Well again that conveniently leads us into our next topic in the breakdown.

Research Tools – Tools for Keyword Rich Content


Now that we have a website built, and a way to fill it with nice shiny content,

  • we need to figure out what our content is going to be.
  • Who is our customer base, what does the data reflect?
  • We could use any of the basic search engines and a note book.
  • Or pay for a service, but wait.
  • We have Jaaxy Lite at our disposal as members. When you want to do a key word search

That’s right. We have Jaaxy Lite as a Starter and a Premium member. The Starter is quite limited though. Jaaxy is the premiere keyword research platform out there. Another industry standard tool. Keyword rich content is going to be your sites’ life blood. As you become more and more educated with these and other tools, you will notice things changing. Then one day there’s money coming to you.


Success – Stories that Inspire

The gent here is Eric Cantu, he and I met during a training over a year ago. When I stepped away from pretty much everything to take care of myself medically and physically, he was here to greet me when I returned.

Eric is just one of the successes that I know of personally. We both live in Texas at the time we met. Just a five hour drive apart at 70 mph. He recently can be found as one of the poster folks on the home page for Wealthy Affiliate. Check out his and others on the home page at Wealthy Affiliate.

Eric’s likeness is also a link to his personal site. Why you ask would I put a potential money making link to someone else’s site. It’s called a win win situation. When you begin to see the wealth in sharing, you truly begin to become wealthy.


Final thoughts

To recap what we’ve seen. Wealthy Affiliate has:

  • The Training
  • The Resources and Support at an Enterprise level
  • WordPress Hosting
  • Website Builder
  • Industry leading Research Tools
  • Success Stories
  • For the maximum outlay, $49/mo or $349/yr, you get everything you need to build a thriving sustainable future in affiliate marketing.

You won’t find a better entry into affiliate marketing anywhere.

Please leave comments below.

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